Welcome to BBH

The only internship for misfits

If you don’t quite fit in with your current flock, and feel like you don’t belong on the career path you’ve chosen,

this internship is for you.

As Black Sheep, we celebrate difference.

Because difference makes our thinking more unexpected and our work more interesting.

That’s why for this year’s Barn internship, we are opening our doors to a more diverse batch of applicants. So, we will not be focusing on those from marketing or communications backgrounds.

Instead, we want double-degree holders in Statistics and Biology, non-degree holders, mid-career switchers, retirees.

Essentially, everyone who is open to working in the creative industry, but who might traditionally be labelled as misfits.


6 successful applicants will join us from May to July 2019. You’ll get mentors, real briefs, and one incredible learning experience.


As long as you’ve got the chops to prove you have what it takes, you’ll get through our selection process.


Flex your skills with a BBH-funded passion project and real client work.

We are looking for

  • 2 x Account Management
  • 2 x Planners
  • 2 x Creatives

Answer these 5 questions
in any way you like.
And we do mean any.
Go nuts.

  1. What does being a black sheep mean to you?
  2. Pick a brand that has a good product, but could do better in advertising.
    How would you give it a black sheep makeover?
  3. Pick a “zag” that has nothing to do with advertising. Why did you pick it?
  4. You’ve just been given three bags full of wool.
    What are you going to do with it?
  5. If you were a shepherd, how would you find your lost sheep?

Email us your answers at barnsg@bartleboglehegarty.com
or mail it to us at 5 Magazine Road #03-03 S(059571).

Please also provide your name, current field of study/work, and email address.

Do not include your CV. Remember, we just want to see how you think and create.

All applications need to reach us by 31 March 2019.

Shortlisted interns will be invited to BBH for a face-to-face chat.

Get to know us
through our work